About the Project

J.B Hunt DCS

Hidden Costs is a project for Dedicated (DCS). One of the services offered by J.B Hunt Transport.

The goal is to create a mailer piece for current and potential customers along with a full digital campaign.

Considering the mailer piece being a view finder (a popular toy in the 60's and 70's) having a retro style that references that time period was the purpose. With a collage style illustration and playful typography using their brand typeface Proxima Nova and turning it into something new for DCS while staying within the yellow and blue color palette of the business. To create this I used a combination of photography, illustration and scanned vintage photographs that relates back to the concept for each illustration.

Three reels were created for the viewfinder, two with the collage style mentioned before and the third one with digital illustration. The packaging for the mailer including informational insert also supports the concept of transportation and hidden costs of the business. Following this style the concept for the rest of the campaign was developed, consisting of three emails, digital ads, a blog post and a landing page that lives on the J.B Hunt website.

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