About the Project

Learning Through Empathy

evolve: Learning Though Empathy is a project focusing on the importance of the educations of gender pronouns in relationship to identity.

A multi media educational platform that serves as a guide to engage and help people learn for a better experience in any professional and even personal setting. It is a way of learning through a web program that allows the user to interact with personas with different backgrounds through story telling as an exercise that helps familiarize people with a simple way of understanding how to create this engagement.

Through the usage of illustration is that the user is able to keep the approachability while mantainning it private and objective to an extend making it less personal and more technical when considering the subject of identity and privacy of the story and day by day lives of the personas seen.

The platform can be used in educational and training perspectives such as schools and work settings with a web program and mobil app. There is also a physical approach with a print book that serves as a guide and a familiar touch of personality included.

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