About the Project

Light & Darkness

BIONIC (Light & Darkness) is a redesign of the artwork project based on the concept album by Christina Aguilera, reworked in my personal style to be displayed as a fine art piece.

With experimental design being focus of the project and deconstructing the initial artwork by D.Face to turn it into a more current and personal idea. This includes the detailed individual elements of music and technology illustrated to come together on the "bionic" side while also able to live on their own.

Different elements of design were used to achieve the final product including a limited color palette reminiscent of my personal style, high fidelity illustrations using only adobe illustrator on the initial part and the first out of two variations of the cover. This is met with contrast on the text using a variation of typefaces from san-serif to modern and hand written low fidelity experimental type. A second cover was created using a collage style referencing back the content of the album to liberation and post-feminism.

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